The Shun Classic 7 Piece Block Set

For more than 100 years, the highly skilled artisans of KAI Corporation have been producing blades of unparalleled quality in the spirit of the legendary sword smiths of Japan.

For over three generations they have been dedicated to listening to the voices of their customers and providing products that contribute to a more tasteful life.

Incredibly sharp edges, partnered with a stunning aesthetic set Shun and KAI knives apart.

A tradition of excellence, combined with the newest technology and advanced materials, makes every knife a functional work of art.

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The Shun Classic 7 Piece Block Set gives you all the must-have pieces of kitchen cutlery in one beautiful bamboo block.

In addition to key pieces like the Shun Classic Paring, Utility, and Chef’s Knives, the set also includes the Bread Knife with its low-frequency serrations and the handy Herb Shears. The shears are perfect for snipping herbs, of course, but you’ll be amazed at how often they come in handy for other things, too.

This essential set comes in its own laminated bamboo block with extra open slots so you can continue to expand your Shun Classic collection.

Bamboo offers easy-care performance. It absorbs very little moisture and doesn’t shrink or swell like other hardwoods, making it ideal for kitchen accessories.

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Weight 11.25 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 14 × 10 in


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