Shun Classic 4.5″ Asian Multi-Prep


Shun’s Classic 4.5″ Asian Multi-prep knife is like nonother. In Japan, this nimble, triangular blade is called a honesuki. The narrow tip is ideal for maneuvering around bones and between joints. The wider end makes slicing easy, too.


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Shun Classics are the original Shuns, the first Japanese style knives to be made available to a wider audience in North America. Instead of heavy, ponderous blades, Shun Classic blades are lighter with razor-sharp edges and crafted from advanced steel. Rather than weighty, Western Handles, Shun Classic offers the graceful control of a traditional Japanese handle.

Shun Classic features beautiful Damascus-clad blades, with a cutting core of Shuns proprietary VG-MAX stainless steel, and a D-shaped ebony Pakkawood handle.  The Shun Classic series also offers the widest assortment of both traditional culinary blade shapes and cutting-edge designs, so you can always find the right knife for the task.

Proprietary VG-MAX cutting core

  • VG_MAX is the newest in the VG line of “super steel”

Stainless Damascus cladding

  • 34 mirco-layers of steel on each side support the core (69 layers total), add stain/corrosion resistance, and help food release from the blade.

Razor-sharp 16 Degree cutting edge

  • Hand sharpened to a 16 degree angle each side for the top performance.

Full composite tang

  • Ensures Classics are lightweight, yet perfectly balanced.

Pakkawood D-shaped handles

  • This traditional Japanese style has a slight ridge on the right for a comfortable, secure grip; ebony Pakkawood is beautiful, durable, and wont harbor bacteria.


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