Get all the pockets of air out of your perfectly prepared pizza with the Winco Heavy Duty Dough Docker.

It does all the work for you!

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Winco Heavy Duty Dough Docker

The Winco Heavy Duty Dough Docker does all the work for you.

The work that goes into a perfectly prepared pizza may go for naught if pockets of air remain in the dough.

This will cause unsightly bubbles to form on the pizza’s surface during baking.

To prevent these bubbles from occurring, Winco recommends its 5 inch dough docker.

This roller dough docker features a five-inch wide nylon cylinder with stainless steel pins that will pop any potential air pockets before they rise and mar the surface of the pizza as it bakes

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Weight 1.06 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 9 × 3 in


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