The Crestware 3/8 inch fry cutter is ideal for cutting consistent slices of potatoes!

Are you ready for restaurant-style fries in your kitchen? Tired of chunky, oddly-shaped fries?

Purchase your fry cutter today!


Crestware 3/8 Inch Fry Cutter

Offer piping hot, fresh-cut french fries with this Crestware 3/8 Inch Fry Cutter.

Enjoy fresh cut french fries any day of the week once you add this handy cutter to your kitchen.

Cutting potatoes by hand is a tedious, time-consuming task, but with this unit’s cast iron body and handle, it is a durable, rust-proof solution for all of your potato cutting needs.

It produces uniform 3/8″ thick fries quickly and consistently, making it ideal for steakhouses, pubs, and other restaurants that want to serve french fries alongside their burgers or signature sandwiches.

To use, simply place a potato on the shield between the push block and the blade frame. Then, using one swift motion, pull the handle toward the blade to force the potato through the blade and cut it into 3/8″ thick even pieces.

The 3 1/8″ square cutting area produces 3/8″ thick evenly cut french fries to reduce prep time, so you’ll be more than ready for the dinner rush.

For optimum stability, four screw holes are provided so you can mount your cutter to a cutting board, counter top, or wall for easy handling.


Additional information

Weight 11.75 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 21 × 10 in


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