Essential Kitchen Knives

Every Kitchen needs 5 knives to do all of your basic jobs.

Build your own set or create a set for a loved one with these essential knives!

  1. Chef’s Knife – Generally used for chopping fruits and vegetables
  2. Boning Knife – Used for breaking down/cutting raw meats
  3. Slicer – Primarly used for cutting cooked meat
  4. Bread Knife – Serrated for cutting something with a hard outside and soft inside
  5. Paring Knife – Used for all your small jobs, and great for peeling

Shun Knives

Shun knives have been described as “mini samurai swords” by enthusiastic chef’s who adore their balance and precision. They have the unique look common to eastern knives that have been hand-crafted for centuries, but they have many modern ideas incorporated into their design, like being hollow-ground with indentations to prevent friction and food sticking. If you want a Shun in your kitchen, you should start with one of these:

Victorinox Knives

Victorinox is the same company that makes Swiss army knives. They have a reputation for being high quality, sharp, and well-balanced. We carry a full line of Victorinox products, and here are the five essential knives that you need in your kitchen, on sale!

Messermeister Knives

Messermeister knives are a german-made brand that brings uncompromising quality to the professional or home chef that wants sharp cutlery. They still utilize drop-forging in their knife-making, which gives the blades a solid feel and heft that many chef’s love. If you love Messermeister, you should start with one of their essential knives.

Keep your knives sharp with proper care

Storage is a huge factor in protecting the edge of your knives. If you want your cutlery to remain sharp and last for a lot longer, you need to have a good quality knife block. Here is some knife storage that we recommend, and it is on sale!