Do you know how to use your stainless steel lobster crack?

1.Holding the lobster steady with one hand, twist off the claws and place them on the side of your plate.

2.A tool for cracking the claws should be provided. Slowly crack the claws and use a fork or lobster pick to remove the meat.

3.Pull out the tail meat and cut it.

4.Use the pick or fork to spear lobster pieces and dip them into butter if provided.


Stainless Steel Lobster Crack

The perfect tool for your restaurant, clam bake, or crab fest, the stainless steel lobster crack easily cracks open shellfish of different sizes!

Featuring a durable hinge, jagged teeth, and a lobster-crushing grip, this cracker takes the work out of shelling seafood.

Made of stainless steel, this cracker is great for everyday use.

•Lobster Cracker
•Stainless steel