Ohio Stoneware Crocks

Crocks are certainly multi functional, from the traditional use of preserving vegetables such as cucumbers for pickles
and cabbage for sauerkraut, or for everyday use as pantry or kitchen containers. Crocks filled with food can be kept in
a cool, dry environment allowing the vegetables inside to ferment naturally and since our crocks are made with lead
free glazes, they are food safe and easy to clean. They are also conventional oven, microwave, and dishwasher safe.

Every piece of Ohio Stoneware Is and Always will be Made
in America by down to earth, hard working
folks like their forefathers who, took great pride
in their craft. You can be assured that every
product we place into the marketplace will
have our Ohio Stoneware stamp of approval on
it and will be Made in America


Our Ohio Stoneware Products