Using the Kitchen Cleaning Cloth Pack provides everything you need to tackle grease and grime on surfaces and appliances.

Our specialised cleaning and polishing cloth will leave them gleaming.

There is no need to struggle with those tough cleaning challenges


Kitchen Cleaning Cloth Pack

Use the Kitchen Cleaning Cloth Pack that is durable and highly absorbent Kitchen Cloth, with its gentle scouring pocket.

Effortlessly lift, trap and remove all stubborn stains, grease and bacteria from kitchen surfaces and appliances, all with just water.

Add these useful cloth’s in your kitchen to cut down on cleaning time. Simply add these to your shopping cart and start relaxing now with all the spare time you will now have.

The sheer volume of e-cloth’s cleaning edges drawn across a surface gives a deeper clean than cleaning with chemicals.

Their 480,000 fibres per cm2 give them enormous cleaning power.

The fibres break up and remove more grease and dirt, incredibly using just water.

Surfaces are cleaned so effectively that there is nowhere left for bacteria to grow.

Using high quality fibres, the construction of each cloth is specifically selected for the cloth’s end use – varying in fibre size, the way the fibres are processed, density and speed of absorption.

They easily outperform and outlast traditional cloths and other cloths made with similar but lower quality fibres.

A hot water rinse under a faucet between uses is often enough for day to day use.

Additional information

Weight .313 lbs
Dimensions 8 x 7 x 2 in


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