The Crisp Mini Cutting Board is a must have kitchen tool, especially for your Junior Chef's in the house!

It works for all your food prep needs.

This cutting board has a non-skid base, and is also reversible!

Size: 11” x 8-½”

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Crisp Mini Cutting Board

The Crisp Mini Cutting Board is a must have kitchen tool for all your food prep needs.

This cute, conveniently sized cutting board is designed to be reversible.

The cutting board’s edges are wrapped in soft touch rubber to create a non-skid base.

This slip resistant feature keeps the small cutting board firmly in place while you whittle away at onions, tomatoes and all your other favorite fruits and veggies.

This cutting board also includes a drainage channel on both sides that capture liquid extracted from cutting produce.

These handy drainage channels prevent messes from getting out of hand while you cut and prep ingredients – making cleanup a total breeze!

Whether your kitchen is large or small, this cutting board shouldn’t be hard to find space for either.

At 11” x 8-½” this cutting board is compact enough to store in even the most crowded places in your kitchen.

Of all the kitchen gadgets you own, this is sure to be one of the most useful!

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Weight .88 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 9 x 1 in


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